Message from the President of the Mauritius Law Society

It is with great pleasure that I am responding to the request of the Honourable Attorney-General to write this message regarding the printing of a booklet containing the Code of Ethics for Attorneys. The Code of Ethics is an essential and fundamental document for Attorneys and same has to be mastered by Attorneys and they have to act within its prescriptions. Where it is silent on a particular aspect, Attorneys should act according to the spirit and intention behind the Code. Under the Mauritius Law Society has been distributing copies of the Code of Ethics for Attorneys together with copies of Code of Ethics for Barristers and Code of conduct for Judicial Conduct- Judges in one booklet in A4 format. We Attorneys are conscious of our duties towards the Court, other sections of the Legal profession and the clients. I urge upon Attorneys to go by the Code of Ethics and thereby they will uphold the dignity of the professional and enhance the quality of service to the public. They will earn respect and reputation. I thank the Honourable Attorney-General for his initiative to have our Code of Ethics bound in A5 format booklet and distributed. I also thank him for his actions to bring justice in our Legal Community and especially when he announced that the law will be amended in order to give Attorneys the right to apply for the post of Master and Registrar or/ Deputy Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court. The Mauritius Law Society shall stand by the Honourable Attorney-General in his task to bring justice in the Legal Community. N. Appa Jala, Senior Attorney President of the Mauritius Law Society 11 November, 2011