Message from the Honourable Chief Justice

"If Ethics were the basis of whatever is noble in the legal profession; Give me excess of them" The parody of Orsino’s opening speech in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night "If music be the food of love, - play on; Give me excess of it." Is appropriate since after his well acclaimed initiative in producing a ‘‘hand out’’ booklet of the Code of Ethics for Barristers, the Honourable Attorney-General is now giving us ‘‘excess of it’’ by moving on to Act Two and Act Three by encompassing the Attorneys-at-law and the Notaries as well. No doubt the respective Code of Ethics for those two branches of the legal profession together with the earlier one for Barristers will become the vade mecum of law professionals as they engage themselves in the pursuit of their career which are more and more strewn with pitfalls and slippery terrain. I am pleased to salute this small but significant initiative from the Honourable Attorney-General and wish Enlightenment to one and all. Y K J Yeung Sik Yuen, G.O.S.K. Chief Justice 11 November 2011