The Attorney General’s Office has taken the initiative to reprint and distribute the Code of Ethics for Attorneys, made by the Council of the Mauritius Law Society under Section 17(1) of the Mauritius Law Society Act, as it is felt that the Code Ethics should be better known within the legal profession. The code is inspirational in character and represents the objectives toward which every member of the profession should strive. It constitutes a body of principles upon which the Attorney can rely for guidance in specific situations. Standards of professional ethics from the backdrop of everything law practitioners do. In adhering to the Code of Ethics, the Attorney will uphold the long standing values of the profession and ensure protection of the public. The essence of professional responsibility is that Attorney must act at all times uberrimae fidei, with utmost good faith to the Court, to the client, to other law practitioners and to members of the public. The Attorney who would enjoy the respect and confidence of the community as well as of other members of the legal profession must strive to maintain the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. I will, therefore, invite Attorneys to see the Code as a contribution to the delivery of competent services according to the highest ethical traditions of the legal profession. Hon. Yatin Varma Attorney- General 11 November 2011