Attorneys' History

At the origin, as stated above, all law practitioners formed part of a single legal fraternity. The very first law practitioner to be enrolled was Francois Leforestier in 1781. The first “local” law practitioner (born in Mauritius) to be enrolled as law practitioner was Thomas Esnouf in 1786. Since then as stated above the legal profession was separated into three branches Barristers, Attorneys and Notaries. Although nowadays the various cultural differences of our rainbow nation are represented in the profession of Attorneys, this has not always been the case. In is only in 1903 that Boodhun Lallah the elder brother of Dunputh Lallah became the first Mauritian of Hindu faith to be enrolled as an Attorney and some twenty years later Mr. Mohabuth became the first Mauritian of Muslim faith to be enrolled. It is only as late as in 1969, that our distinguished friend Georges Ng Wong Hing became the first Sino-Mauritian to be enrolled as an Attorney. As far as women are concerned, the profession had to wait until the 30th September 1975 to see Ms Swallehah Bibi Mohabeer grace the profession and be enrolled as Attorney. The feminine members of the profession were to rapidly catch up with their masculine counterparts and their numbers have continuously and substantially increased. With the turn new millennium, and since 2000 the percentage of women being enrolled as Attorneys is of 64% compared to 36 % men. It has not been possible to obtain an individual “fiche” on all the members of the profession of Attorneys who have now passed away. The short summary presentation that follows obviously needs to be completed and up-dated as the memory of those who devoted a large part of the lives in the practice of our noble profession must be kept alive and remembered.