About Us

The Law Society, an association which was created on the 11th May 1977 and had for objects "the safeguard, maintenance and promotion of the interests of the body of Mauritius Attorneys-at-Law, the upholding of the honour, dignity reputation and independence of the members thereof and furtherance of their interests in connection with the practice of their profession". In pursuance of such objects the Society was given the power to consider all matters generally affecting the Attorneys, members of the Society and take such measures as the Society shall think fit in relation thereto and, in particular, matters regarding:

  • (a) the encouragement of the study of jurisprudence and legal education in furtherance thereof;
  • (b) the improvement of the administration of justice in Mauritius;
  • (c) the promotion and support of law reform
    • (i) the members of the legal profession;
    • (ii) the Society and members of the public;
    • (iii) the Society and members of the legal profession in other countries.
  • (d) the safeguard of the right of access of the Courts of Mauritius for members of the public and their representation by Attorneys and/or Counsel before such courts and other tribunals;
  • (e) the affiliation of the Society to any similar association Society in Mauritius or elsewhere and the delegation of representatives of the Society thereto;
  • (f) the joining of any federation of professionals in Mauritius or elsewhere and the delegation or representatives of the Society thereto;
  • (g) the assistance and collaboration with the legal bodies in the administration of justice;
  • (h) the promotion of maintenance of internal discipline among attorneys, members of the society;
  • (i) the amicable settlement of all disputes between Attorneys; members of the society;
  • (j) the forming, with its own members, of an office for giving free or gratuitous advice to poor persons, whose cases may be distributed among the several attorneys, members of the society, to be followed up, if that should be done;
  • (k) the representation of all attorneys of the court, collectively, as to their common rights and interests.
  • The address of The Mauritius Law Society : 
    6th floor, 604, Sterling Tower, Poudriere Street, Port Louis.
    Phone number : (+230) 2456110

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